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    I, Dr. Fátima Almonte is a member of SODOCIPRE the Dominican Society of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. He is a qualified, accredited and highly trained surgeon who meets the standards required to practice plastic surgery.

    Safest in the industry: With both national and international certifications, we are known for excellence in safety towards our patients. Our clinic, Center of Specialized Aesthetic Surgery (CECIP, acronym in Spanish), is internationally recognized for its high quality standards. We have the endorsement of: SODOCIPRE, CMD, FILACP, IPRAS.

    People Love us: Our satisfied and healthy patients are the highest reference of our commitment and professionalism. Dubbed as “the dolls of Almonte”, our dolls are already a community of beautiful women who, with some surgical affections, have reaffirmed their beauty both internally and externally, listen to their testimonies first hand in Real Self.

    Please, share with us good things about you, regards.

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